quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

London London..

Spiderman around home...very normal for London (some days ago I saw a pickachu!)

Well, this shooting are form the last saturday. I went to Southwark to test my new camera ( an old  yashica 6x6. I don't know the model, but is much better and complete than the 124-g) and SURPRISE! It is just perfect! Even the meter is working fine! So I just can wait to get Lolla's negatives developed..
But, about London..the best is that in on day you can shot on some pleasent locations AND in the end, you may even find the Spiderman walking around..=D

Kodak portra 400 CN, Hasselblad scanner

Kodak portra 400 CN, Hasselblad scanner

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