domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

LEssa's Adventures in the queen's land =)

He he he today I manage to go to Cambridge (besides the hangover..). Nice place for some pictures =).

   Seassonal ale in Sid's Barret favorite pub!

sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010

when you've got nothing to do..

You can always have a new idea =)
" A nightmare before christimans, 2010"

 And this is just some old making of pictures of me making some beef sculptures..he he he

sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

have a nice weekend =D

When everything goes wrong..

Well, sometimes people are afraid of shooting with film because they can't see what is going on in the Do I =).
 But, when you finish developing your films and you are just SURE that something is wrong, then it's just the begging of the  photographer's big nightmare!
 Well, this are some scans from one of the "WM" project. Everything went wrong: the camera is not good and also my flashmeter, which is 10 years older than me..but I was quite lucky (thaks god is was a negative!) and even there I manage to have some pictures..with I really like =D

quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010


 ok, this might be the last shooting of the Windows and Mirrors project.
I photographed Tiffany at home. Was quite a different experience, but like the results..


quarta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2010

he he he projects..

aff..this project is taking me to some very unusual places in Uk =)
 pics to follow..

segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010


First post today! he he he.
 Today for first time in my life I could have a brainstorm with a stylist! We were talking about the MA's projects (on is called windows and mirrors and the other is a editorial with the theme " revolution") and we really got some nice ideas! 17th/nov. will the first shooting day!
 Than I spend some time taking a look at the classics.. to see if I could have more ideas..

 Ah! I REALLY need a make-up artist and a nice hair stylist! These are  the folders I will post on the black-board tomorrow =)

domingo, 7 de novembro de 2010


hey hey!
 Nothing new today, so I spend the morning trying to understand a bit more about polaroid's alternative process.
 I first started with polaroids transfer, but then I found a another technique:
 The wet transfer, with consists in transfering the " film jelly " from its original paper to another superficie. Take a look at this video (quite fun..he he he ):
 I was a bit worried that I won't find polaroids film (sorry, I can't trust on this new polaroid project, yet) but I just found that you can have the same result with fuji FP100C instant film!
 And, for some ideias, take a look on Michal's Macku pictures:
 Tomorrow I will try it and see how it goes..

sábado, 6 de novembro de 2010

film stryke's back!

Well, Kodak has just annouced the nem porta 400 CV ( I've tryed it: nice collor, mediun contrast and saturation; I mean, a tipical kodak film for fashion, portrait..)
  It's very nice to see that film is comming back!
 No, I am not that nostalgic! But we can see is a response of the market for "professional digital photographers "...
 So, let's now wait for the new scanners and more improvement on the digital enlargers, with, by the way is a really shit =/

sexta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2010

take a look at!

Photography competitions around the world =D


he he he just " new old " things I've found on my back-up =D




old ideas!

This post is about new ideas on old works.
Sometimes after finishing all the working flow, you just back-up, delete then for the computer and never ever look to then again. That's a really nice way to loose lots of chances of having new ideas about old works.
 Of course, there are works with are very commercial or very simple and there is nothing new to be  find there. But there are other with takes a lot of time for us to understand what we've got..

Stephanie, 08/02/2009
  This picture stay in my desktop for almost and year before I really find the way I want it to be..
 So, give a try to those old my find something new =D

quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

London London..

Spiderman around home...very normal for London (some days ago I saw a pickachu!)

Well, this shooting are form the last saturday. I went to Southwark to test my new camera ( an old  yashica 6x6. I don't know the model, but is much better and complete than the 124-g) and SURPRISE! It is just perfect! Even the meter is working fine! So I just can wait to get Lolla's negatives developed..
But, about London..the best is that in on day you can shot on some pleasent locations AND in the end, you may even find the Spiderman walking around..=D

Kodak portra 400 CN, Hasselblad scanner

Kodak portra 400 CN, Hasselblad scanner

being a photographer...

 Yesterday was one of the best days in my life as a photographer.
  When you have a nice idea, a nice model and some equipment, nothing can goes wrong. BUT when you get all of this and SOME REALLY nice and fun people involved...than, you got everything you may want!
   Being a photographer is more than taking pictures. It's about getting to know new people (and most time their " dark " side...he he he), learning new things all the time ( yesterday  Lolla's boyfriend gave me an class about british history! Now I know why the doors are soo small in this country..) and having lot's of fun!
   That's the only explanation for how we can work fore more than 8 or 10 hours with stopping (ok, just for some coffee brakes )!!
 Well, enjoy =D. (as soon as I develop the films, I'll post something..
Lolla as Gulliver,

Lolla as a  police officer (this is just a tribute for the  yesterday's strike).

quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

too tired..

too tired..I'll post tomorrow..
 but, I just can say that was one of the best days in my life =D!!
 LOT'S of FUN! VERY nice people..a crazy pictures ! just need to develop and scan the negatives =D


good morning =D
I was grong! The "gulliver" shooting is today! he he he after 1 hour waiting, I went to check my email an realise that was scheduled for wednesday! Anyway..he he he
Ah! Another festival,  but thins time in London:

terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010

18-21 nov. Mois de la photo a paris

About photography Theory,

This is just a small text we had to write about photography theory...(sorry about the poor english! I'm trying hard to improve! he he he)

Essay: Photography theory.
The act of seeing is active; it is an act of choice. We see what we look at and so relate to it. We also became aware that we can be seen, and so are aware we are part of the visible word. This result in the understanding that others may see things differently (La Grange, 2005), and so on when we took someone else’s image, our understanding of it depends on our way of seeing. The famous Hungarian photographer Moholy – Nagy  used to attribute different types  of visions to photography: the  abstract seeing,  the exact seeing, rapid seeing, slow seeing, intensifiled seeing, penetrative seeing and distorced seeing (Clive, S., 1999).
So what photographs look like? And Why they look that way? What it  means?  This are the central questions who pushes  the progress (development ?) of the photography as art, but also restricts much of its beauty.
Photography theory lives in the gap between the way of seeing of the viewer and the way is of seeing by the person who has created the image results, but not just answering questions, but trying to bring elements for the dialogue wich exists in between art and spectator. Involving elements from history, philosophy, semiothics, photography theory try to create a back-ground for each piece of photographic art.
The way photographt theory and photography progress is different and it generates great concerns, because they can’t exist just by thenselves, or maybe their lone existance might take much of its shine.
The great Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki argues that his pictures are just pictures, without a implicit meaning.  But others might find answers for their questions in his pictures.  The same way others photographer simply can’t  accept  the ideia  of working in such a  “shallow “ way.
There is also the spectator how just deny the background behind the photography art, or even those who just don’t care about , or even some who just can’t complain in what photography theory says about a picutre.
 Its there any knowledge, so certaing that no reasonable man can doubt it? (Russel, B., 1912). Can photography theory, in the future stick or full fill the lapse  that exists from the author and the vier? No, but sure it can make photography, as art, much more interesting.
ELKINS, J. (2007). Photography TheoryI.  1th ed. London : Routledge,
KLOSE, J. (2005). Arakimentari [videorecording DVD]. [U.K.] : Tartan Video.
JEFFREY, I. (2008).  How to read a photograph : understanding, interpreting and enjoying the great photographers. 1th ed. London : Thames & Hudson,
LA GRANGE, A. (2005).  Basic critical theory for photographers. 1th ed. Oxford : Kindlington.
 RUSSEL, B.(1971) .The ABC of relativity. 3rd revised ed. London : Allen & Unwin.
SCOTT, C. (1999) The spoken image : photography and language. 1th ed. London : Reaktion,
SZARKOWSKI, J (1980). The photographer's eye. London : Secker and Warburg.

Nobuyoshi Araki 
Here is a link to a nice Araki's interview:


Thanks to my greed (no shure if this is the right word), I can't be at Mark's Lebon lecture ! aff!
Anyway, at night we have a shoting!

 Today we also have (we, means MA people..) to explain what we've been doing for the "windows and mirrors" project. As I've only been shoting for days, I decided that was time to take a look at some nem pictures, giving a try for some names people recommended to me:

André Serrano (wow! this is insane!):  he he he until now I can't understand people tought this would be a nice refference for me...

Piss Christ, 1987.
  Arthur Tress: not much to say about it, yet.

 Anyway, this is my sugestion for this "sunny" morning: Jimmy Desana

  Have a nice day =)
 hope I can post some about the shooting (but I'll give it a try and work on film..just to see how it goes...)

segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

he he he

Bluemenfeld's vogue cover

Rankin's copy

Brazilian style..he he he


Sometimes, the process of "understanding" a picutre is complex. Some shots stay for ages on my computer before I decided how to "work" on then, or to decide which one is going to be final one.
 Here are 2 pictures of a serie called "geisha". This is not photoshop (I was working with a mirror and I took the pictures with a profile I did for high key lighting)..he he he
 These pictures are on my "working" file for aboyt 5 months, and just know I decide wich one of these will be choosen for my portfolio:
 Hope you enjoy =)

Make by Patricia Monaco. Model: Natshumi, Elite models Brazil