segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

hey hey! A link about a nice stylist from Brazil

Would like to invite you to take a look on Bell's Picosque website! She is a very friend of mine and also a really nice stylist!
 Here is the link:

Stylist: Bell Picosque Model: Ane Also thanks to Nadja Tra Menezes, from Elite Models Brasil and Danilo Mazuca, for the amazing make-up!
  And some examples of our work:

Model: Thais Custodio and (sorry! I can't remeber), both from Elite models. Make-up by Daniel Brazil. Also would like to thanks again to Nadja Tra Menezes and Teresa Cris Gimenes (mommy!).

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Bell Picosque disse...

me gustaaaaa!! j´adore nosso trabalho!!!
em breve nos vemos em london city, para fazermos um editorial na plantação de romã ou maçãs!!!
sucesso amado!!