segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

First Shooting in UK! =D

First, me struggling with the LEAF digital back =D

Worthing! A must go place! =D

Yeah..I moved to London (why? he he he I didn't understand why, YET, but sure it's for some obscure and inexplicable always - Kidding, I am studing at London College of Fashion, MA fashion photography ) and afer about I month I decided was time to make things happen =D
I've found a really nice (and CRAZY!!) model from a city around London (Worthing! Must know!!) and when there bus train! nice nice!
Well, here are some pictures from Worthing and some from JAK! Have fun!
ah! Well, this pictures are from my nem project (MA home work people! Yes, we do have lots of it..) "Windows and Mirrors", wich is about...voyeurism! =D

JAK the hunter,

JAK's machine gun!

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