terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010


Thanks to my greed (no shure if this is the right word), I can't be at Mark's Lebon lecture ! aff!
Anyway, at night we have a shoting!

 Today we also have (we, means MA people..) to explain what we've been doing for the "windows and mirrors" project. As I've only been shoting for days, I decided that was time to take a look at some nem pictures, giving a try for some names people recommended to me:

André Serrano (wow! this is insane!):  he he he until now I can't understand people tought this would be a nice refference for me...

Piss Christ, 1987.
  Arthur Tress: not much to say about it, yet.

 Anyway, this is my sugestion for this "sunny" morning: Jimmy Desana

  Have a nice day =)
 hope I can post some about the shooting (but I'll give it a try and work on film..just to see how it goes...)

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