quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010

being a photographer...

 Yesterday was one of the best days in my life as a photographer.
  When you have a nice idea, a nice model and some equipment, nothing can goes wrong. BUT when you get all of this and SOME REALLY nice and fun people involved...than, you got everything you may want!
   Being a photographer is more than taking pictures. It's about getting to know new people (and most time their " dark " side...he he he), learning new things all the time ( yesterday  Lolla's boyfriend gave me an class about british history! Now I know why the doors are soo small in this country..) and having lot's of fun!
   That's the only explanation for how we can work fore more than 8 or 10 hours with stopping (ok, just for some coffee brakes )!!
 Well, enjoy =D. (as soon as I develop the films, I'll post something..
Lolla as Gulliver,

Lolla as a  police officer (this is just a tribute for the  yesterday's strike).

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