segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

 This is the result of my last portfolio review (16/05/2011), with miss.Magdalene Keaney, curetor of the London's College of Fashion Gallery.
 This is what she "wrote" (draw!?) from her conclusions: 

 " I find Fernando's work problematic because he is taking (bravely) such a complex subject- S+M/bondage/fetishism, extreme ?????(1) sexuality yet has not developed or ??? through a convincing conceptual, theoretical , ethical, practical, technical approach which he needs to if he wants to be considered as an explotive ??...(2) approaching pornographer. Fernando needs not to back away from the subject but to really think about how and why he is making these images. He should read feminist theory/representation theory and he should think about the work of artists who have successfully (or not successfully and if so, why) completed simple work or even work around ???????(3) addiction, mental health etc. -Nan Goldin - Araki - Guy Bourdin -?????(4) ..... four different approaches to think about. How did they deal with the ????(5) *Art since1990 chapter one- Rusland Kvans representation. aesthetics "

 Here is a comment from a friend of mine: 
" I am a woman with dignity and pride. no need to make this gender gap bigger with focusing on just one side. i can be a big macho myself. " -

 I just would like to thank miss. Keany for such a deep approuching to my work and of course, for the inspiration to create this new piece of work.

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