sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

Old project

This is my projetct for " Future Chic", one of my MA's disciplines.
 Proposal for shooting: REVOLUTION. Fernando G. C Lessa Id: GIM10314887 MA Fashion Photography.
I would like to take between 5 – 8 pictures of a BBW (up to 16 sized ) female model. This picture would be for the winter season. Theme “ REVOLUTION “ would be discussed while working with opposites and contrasts. With an “unconventional” body on a white background (please, reefer to Afanador’s pictures attached as references), I can have the focus just on the model and dares the viewer to a takes his opinion.
With a naked model, I can work the battle of wearing – not wearing in fashion and the desire of a “unknown” body type.
The outfits would be a mix of furs (with are very
discussion about the bulk and forms. The pictures would be in B&W, to avoid distractions with colour.

Polaroid Scan

 for more, www.fernandolessa.com.br =)

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